Key element of online store success: CMS system connection and e-commerce platform

Online stores typically have separate content add-in (CMS) and sales management (e-commerce) platforms. This makes it more effective to control what leads to successful sales, and the management of such a system quickly becomes a thorn in the side. The future approach is to unify content management and sales with the so-called Digital Experience Platform - DXP, which provides the best experience for your customers. Vare's experts have solved this for online retailer Tom Tailor. Learn how we did it.

How did we do this and why were Sitefinity and Ucommerce key to addressing the frequent problems associated with the projects?

From "style" to "fashionable": Tom Tailor's new look

Tom Tailor is a German fashion brand with a presence all over Europe.

Tom Tailor's subsidiary in Central and Eastern Europe was one of the most successful units of the entire group. They were so successful that they didn't feel the need to sell their products online. Of course, everything changed when the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. As with many retailers in physical stores, Tom Tailor suddenly needed an online store to delight shoppers even at the time of the closure of physical stores.  

The platform used to manage their digital presence was not primarily dedicated to online commerce, and simple updates to the website required the help of an executive agency. They therefore decided to completely overhaul the website and introduce an online business.

After reviewing the various proposals, Tom Tailor entrusted the implementation to Vareo. Sitefinity was a winning choice as it facilitated the management of the entire e-commerce experience from one platform and enabled easy integration with the rest of the back-end systems, key to the smooth operation of the online store.

"In other e-commerce systems, you always run into a problem with content management," said Gorazd Planinc, market technology architect at Vareu. "In the end, you're forced to constantly change systems so you can operate different parts of the company."

"By integrating Ucommerce, Sitefinity has enabled us to manage everything from one city, the solution is very scalable and will serve the company well in the future," he added. "You can easily combine e-commerce content with editorial content. It provides a great user experience and better sales. "

From the perspective of Varea and Tom Tailor, Sitefinity eliminates many of the problems associated with the e-commerce experience. On the partner side, an expandable platform enables rapid and efficient integration of systems while ensuring information security.

From Tom Tailor's point of view, the great victory is the ease of editing the content. Now even a non-financial marketing team can take control of its website without relying on the help of an external contractor. They also don't have to worry about navigating multiple systems or manually updating content that might otherwise need to be updated as they go along, making the ability to manage a comprehensive e-commerce experience less daunting.

Transform content and trade with Sitefinity and Ucommerce

Ucommerce for Sitefinity offers a unique solution to this challenge. It provides you with an agile platform for online commerce that complements the content management system and facilitates integration with back-end systems, since everything is under one roof.

Whether you're setting up a digital sales channel, as we described in the Tom Tailor case, or trying to improve existing e-commerce, in both cases you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of existing solutions.