Reduce the cost of recruiting new employees by 90% using SharpSpring

The international trading company faced the challenge of the increased need for new staff, which the human resources department was unable to successfully cover with existing tools. With the help of Vara, the company has introduced a system for recruiting candidates based on SharpSpring. The result of implementation was a 90% reduction in the cost per application per position, 47% more applications and a reduction in the process from 2 months to 3 weeks.

PROBLEM: Quickly and successfully fill a large number of jobs

When we talk about ROI in HRM, we often rate the performance of individual channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook ads, and job search portals. Rarely does anyone think of the whole process of communication, which provides a good employment experience.

The trading company, which operates in seven markets across Europe, has faced the challenge of significantly increasing the influx of applications into positions they hold open and making the process more friendly to both human resources and, of course, potential employees.

The project was entrusted to us because Vareo is known as an agency that helps companies to select and implement marketing tools to increase efficiency and performance not only of marketing and sales processes, but also in other business areas.

"As an agency owner, you have the privilege of working with clients from different industries to solve various problems. You educate your clients on how they can achieve their goals faster and easier using digital tools. Often times good practices from one area can be transferred to another area, as in this case, where hr is empowered by typical marketing elements and thus made it extremely innovative." - Nataša Mithans, Vareo

SOLUTION: Automation of contact points between recruiter and candidate

After reviewing the tools in the market that would be best suited to challenge the client, we decided on SharpSpring. It is true that SharpSpring is the primary tool for digital marketing used by sales and marketing. It also works exceptionally well in other business areas. SharpSpring is an effective solution that allows employers to use the same tools used by professional marketers.

The results of this are:

The key elements of the personalised solution that we implemented for the customer in Varea are:

  • Traceability at the level of the communication campaign - at each point of contact with the company (website, social networks, interaction with mails, etc.) data is collected in the system, so Vareo can advise the client which campaigns are more effective and which approaches should be reasers.
  • Personalized forms and evaluation of candidates and the drip of campaign-SharpSpring allows you to send a simple job application form, process applications received, set points according to a preset criteria, and automate the campaign email for each candidate according to the pledged work flow.
  • The funnel system allows recruits to move applications from one phase of the application process to another, while automatically communicating with the candidate to maintain a high level of involvement and reduce friction in the process.
  • Based on an analysis of the recruitment process, key elements of communication with candidates such as Thanksgiving emails, interview schedules, denial mails, acceptance messages can be preset. This automation allows human resources to spend their time searching for the best talent.
  • SharpSpring allows each candidate to be assigned a rating on a previously set scale. Through this, they can automatically see which candidate is most qualified for the post. The higher he has his grade, the better he is to be invited to an interview.
  • Assigning different levels of approach allows recruiters to see only relevant applications for the posts they run in the system.


  • Using SharpSpring tools, the client has increased the number of channels he uses to attract staff.
  • The cost per candidate acquired has decreased from 100€ to only €10 in just one month!
  • The number of applications received increased by 47%
  • Application time to employment decreased from two months to three weeks
"With sharpspring, we have managed to reduce the cost of acquiring a candidate because the tool gives us an insight into which channels and recruitment campaigns actually work and simplifies and partially automates the entire recruitment process." - Tanja Pertič, Hr Department Director