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Find and convince candidates that you are the right employer for them

Finding candidates has become a rather complex and time-consuming task. Job advertising only on employment portals is no longer enough. Companies need to make sure that they as employers present themselves in the best light, to be able to attract the best people.

Find and convince candidates that you are the right employer for them, and create a pleasant and effective onboarding experience to set them up for success.


Proactively shape your employer brand

A good employer brand helps you in recruiting the best candidates, reducing the cost of recruiting and to increase productivity.

  • Reduce costs. Potential candidates will find you and proactively sign up to your posts, the salary will only be a hygienist and not a decisive factor for the candidate.
  • Increase the number of recommendations. Please contact your ambassadors and increase the number of jobs based on recommendations and your positive image.
  • Increase productivity. Employees working in companies with a strong employer brand are on average more enthusiastic and motivated to work.
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Create a stellar employer brand and attract the right candidates

Companies compete not only for customers, but for talent as well. Younger workers value individualism and trust organisations less than those of previous generations.

  • Your employer brand exists whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s out there. You can’t put it back in the box. But you can take steps to improve it.
  • If you actively manage your employer brand, this social sharing will work to your advantage.
  • Do nothing, and recruitment becomes harder and more costly.
  • Companies with strong employer brands see a 43% decrease in cost per hire
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Let your career website be the main magnet for candidates.

The site allows you to showcase yourself in the best light, provide the candidates with the information they are interested in, and invite them to stay in touch, even if they are currently not ready to switch employer.

What we offer:

  • Fully customizable Webpages for your career site, which you can easily adjust to your needs.
  • Quickly and easily create landing pages for job advertisements.
  • Easily equip your ads with images, video content, and other content that will convince candidates to apply with you.
  • Easily create application forms integrated into the website.
  • Website and applications tailored to mobile devices.
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Keep an overview of the candidates in the process

If you are still relying on Excel, you are probably focusing too much on administration instead on attracting and selecting the right candidates. Digitalization of the recruiting process allows you to focus on the selection of candidates and quickly and efficiently onboard new employees.

Using the right tool:

  • Build a pool of potential candidates for different jobs.
  • Nurture candidates through the entire decision-making process with personalized email and targeted campaigns
  • Created tailored onboarding journeys for specific profiles.
  • Let the technology do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on building the employer brand and getting the right candidates through the doors.
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