POWERFUL CRM AND Marketing Automation in ONE tool

A comprehensive solution to support your marketing and sales


CRM for your marketing and sales 


Personalized E-Mail Marketing


360 ° view of the buyer


Automate your sales process


SharpSpring - A comprehensive solution to support your marketing and sales

SharpSpring is an award-winning and world-renowned complete marketing and sales platform. Forget the outdated CRM systems and power your marketing and sales success with the SharpSpring "lead-to-revenue" system.

Your marketing and sales will be supported by a single tool that will allow greater transparency over customer acquisition and completion and dramatically increase the performance of marketing-sales activities.

With SharpSpring your marketing and sales will become a winning team.

Drive more leads and convert them to sales faster


360 ° view of the buyer

Learn about your potential customers and their habits even before you know their name. Use behavioral-based tracking to truly understand what motivates each click.


Personalized E-Mail Marketing

Drastically improve the success of your E-Mail campaigns with personalized content at the right time, and send your sales team into action with real-time notifications.


Automation and Personalization

Automate the communication process with your audiences and personalise your user experience.Set up drip email campaigns in the marketing automation platform to engage leads throughout the sales process.


Powerful CRM for your sales team 

With the help of Marketing Automation or Lead to Revenue System, cooperation between marketing and sales has never been so smooth and successful. One tool that supports you through the entire sales funnel.


Reliable partner for Marketing Automation

Vareo is the only company in the region that has achieved the Platinum Partner level with SharpSpring. We have more than 7 years of experience with SharpSpring and a lot of very satisfied clients. Status: Silver Partner of the year 2017, Gold partner in early 2010 and Platinum Partner in March 2020

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  • CMS platform that supports your goals and needs
  • Setting you up for success
  • Excellent support
  • With you from planning to implementation and daily use
  • Transfer of knowledge through education
Advanced Email MARKETING

E-Mail Marketing for a new decade

  • Quickly and easily create E-mailers that work.
  • Automatically personalise your e-mails and improve your conversion.
  • Responsive Email design.
  • Dozens of beautifully designed templates that look great on any device and on any email client, including Outlook.
  • Create your own email templates with drag and drop or HTML editor.
  • Easily add attachments and track who opened them.
  • Set up work streams and triggers for automated personalized email campaigns.
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Web Forms

  • Forms you can easily prepare without programmers or IT support.
  • Forms that look and feel like your site.
  • Custom Fields allow you to create as many data points as your team can dream up.
  • Automated web form filling software.
  • Create eye-catching call-to-action buttons.
  • Advanced analytics.
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  • Visualize the buyer’s journey and create marketing automation workflows with the intuitive builder.
  • Improve your conversion rate with the "Lead nurturing" system.
  • Let your sales work only with hot prospects.
  • Free up your sales team by automatically nurturing leads until they are ready to be converted into customers.
  • Create dynamic lists that automatically update as contacts meet the list’s criteria.
  • Trigger automation workflows to send internal messages to marketing, sales and customer service teams.
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  • Visualize success with a bird’s eye pipeline view.
  • Do you have multiple sales processes? No problem, create more sales funnels (unlimited).
  • Create custom deal stages to track the progress of an opportunity from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle.
  • Quickly create a Reminder from any page in the CRM platform and never miss a sales again.
  • Let your sales focus on sales while SharpSpring takes care of the rest.
  • View individual buyer’s journeys, and find unique pain points and opportunities for each lead.
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  • A chatbot robot that you can easily create yourself.
  • Visual overview of various types of replies and actions.
  • Let your robot work when you are resting.
  • Contact capture, answers to common questions, booking appointments, download brochures and much more.
  • Improve your user experience and increase your conversion. Simple, fast and afordable.
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Advanced Analytics

Marketing analytics

  • Campaign performance
  • View of visitors to your website and their habits.
  • Advanced E-mail Analytics.
  • An overview of the active sales and bottlenecks.
  • Behavior tracking.
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics.
  • Monitor your visitors across all devices.
  • Pre-set and custom reports.
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Social networks

  • Keep an overview of all your social media posts.
  • Coordinate all your posts from one platform. Keep an overview of what works and what not and quickly take action.
  • Publish immediately or schedule posts for later.
  • Unlimited number of users and social profiles.
  • Prepare once, post everywhere.
  • Keep an overview of the conversations that are important to you.
  • Identify potential customers and your advocates.
  • Create automated streams based on the activity of users on social media.
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Other great SharpSpring features

Real time Lead-Scoring to automatically identify hot prospects

Powerful interface for integration

Audience recognition- Persona

Video calls directly from the CRM interface

Making simple landing pages and blog sites

Integrated Ad Platform- Perfect Audience

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