MarTech Consulting

NLB: 360 ° view of a customer

NLB, as the largest Slovenian bank, is constantly working to improve its services and user experience at all points of contact, both personal and virtual. In order to make the experience more unified and remove bottlenecks, they want to establish a 360 ° view of the buyer. Because they already have many working tools, which only give them a partial picture and are not interconnected, they wanted us to present to them the possible technological solutions and placement of these in the existing information architecture and structure a list of relevant IT providers according to the requirements.

In the context of the project we have prepared:

  • Overview of current marketing tools in the field of personalisation, automation, analysis of web behaviour and artificial intelligence.
  • Present the features of these tools, and how these tools connect, upgrade and complement the existing subscription's IT architecture.
  • Presented in what way other banks and financial institutions accede to marketers that are targeted at the buyer and understanding of its needs and behaviour online.
  • Prepare a set of appropriate tools, depending on the needs, experience and existing tools to be connected.
  • Place tools in an existing information architecture and adapt it to the features of the proposed tool.
  • Create scenarios and propose appropriate toolbox providers according to scenarios.