Atlantis: Website design

We have developed a website for Atlantis using Sitefinity CMS platform, which allows website editors to edit and upgrade pages in an instant and independently from any IT support. The page is set in two languages and makes editing easy despite the complexity of its offering.

Atlantis is the most attractive water town in Ljubljana, which inspires young people and young people at heart. It offers relaxation, entertainment and recreation in one place. Both on winter and summer days. The wide range of services and attractions poses a challenge of presenting them in the most comprehensible way possible while encouraging a visit to Atlantis. In the next step ecommerce will be added enabling visitors to purchase tickets and reserve services online.

"Jobs to be done"

To help you navigate the offering, site is structured into meaningful sets based on the "jobs to be done" methodology that make it easier for the user to browse the page at a glance. The page is organised into three key pillars, each pillar taking you into different world of experience:

  • Family experiences
  • Children's programmes
  • Pampering and relaxing

Interactive map

Interactive map helps new visitors navigate the premises.

Traffic lights

By using traffic lights the visitor can see at a glance which services and objects are currently opened or closed. Which is particularly important at a time of current restrictions due to the epidemic.


The presentation of the offer is divided into two sets. The first set presents an overview of the offer with basic data

Clicking on the basic offer opens a detailed view with a description of the object or a service.

And a price list that will also allow you to buy a ticket or book an appointment online in the next phase.