Email marketing and automation

Sell more, spend less time and increase your customer satisfaction

Assessment of the situation

Make the most efficient channel - email

Email marketing remains the most effective and cost-effective channel for increasing sales and customer loyalty. By email you are addressing people who already know you, have given you their consent to inform or have already bought something from you.

That means they already know you and trust you. How not to take advantage of that trust while presenting your offer to them in an attractive way at the same time?

With the right technology and a strategic approach to success

By choosing the right tools for marketing automation and a good email strategy you will increase sales results and improve the satisfaction of your customers because:

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... you will offer them what they are interested in.
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... patterns in purchasing behaviour and respond to them correctly.
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... products that they may not yet know, they should.
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... speed up your response time.
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... and improve your communication with customers in general.
Technology selection

Our approach to marketing automation

architecture proposal

Making email strategies

With a good email strategy you will increase the recovery of your marketing efforts. The strategy shall include:

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Segmentation of customer base and contacts and identification of the potential of the base
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Making a communication plan through the entire sales funnel
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Personalized messages by segment or purchase stage
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Determination of the frequency of transmission based on the funnel and purpose phase
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Creating an automation plan for individual types of email campaigns
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Preparation of proposals for analysis, testing and improvements

Download database and set up tools

The basis of each successful email marketing is an orderly and current contact base and the right tool for your needs. Our services include:

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Help you choose the right tool for your needs
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Transfer and clean up the database of existing contacts
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Set up the self-use tool
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Making email templates and customizations for all email clients and devices

Set up work streams and integrations

Our team makes sure that plans and ideas are transformed into reality, that your email strategy comes to life according to plans and expectations. At this stage, we perform for you:

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Setting Up Automation Streams
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Integration with your CRM, online store, or any other system for automatic data transfer between tools
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Training for tool users


If you need support in using the selected tool, we can help you both on a strategic, content or technical level. It depends on your needs and goals.


Technologies we trust

B2B, sales support and buyers

Comprehensive support for macreting and sales through one ordje. An elaborate tool for companies with a longer sales cycle and a personalised approach to customers and marketing.

eCommerce, B2C, B2B

An ideal tool for companies and online traders with large customer bases who want to increase the efficiency of email marketing and accelerate the sale of their products.


How to choose the right technology for your email marketing

The choice of the appropriate platform depends on:

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The size of your database and email frequency
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Your sales cycle and approach to content and email marketing
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Desires for integration and process automation
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Time and financial framework

When choosing a suitable platform, we always focus on your needs and ambitions.


Selected marketing automation projects

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